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  • I-Safe 28

    I-Safe 28

    Airo’s Intrinsically Safe Windows Embedded Handheld smartphone, certified Intrinsically Safe for use globally in hazardous environments.

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  • mediphone


    The Airo Medi-Safe 28 Windows Embedded Handheld smartphone provides the ultimate medical communications and data collection tool with On-Board Medical Diagnostics in an supper-rugged and antimicrobial case.

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  • m safe


    Airo's M-Safe 28 Windows Embedded Handheld smartphone is specifically designed to meet not only the real need for a superior rugged communications solution, but also compliance with the US MINER Act of 2006.

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  • super rugged

    Super Rugged

    Airo Super-Rugged 28 Windows Embedded Handheld smartphone delivers Voice, Built-in GPS, Push-To-Talk, Web and Enterprise Data telematics in a single ruggedized handset.

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